Sarah Anne Haughton's sketches

Sarah Anne Haughton
Sarah Anne Haughton is my 2x great-aunt, a younger sister of my great-grandmother Mary. The Haughton family lived at Ardreigh, near Athy in county Kildare, where they owned the mill.  Sarah was given a sketchbook by her father Alfred Haughton in November 1857, and over the next few years she filled it with detailed sketches of the places she visited.  The sketches displayed here are mostly of county Clare, done while she was visiting her sister Mary Pilkington at Kiltrellig and Ennis. 
Sarah's sketchbook is now in the custody of my cousin Tom, and he has kindly given permission for me to share these images. 

Kilkee church & schoolhouse, co, Clare, 13 June 1855
Rocks near Ross, co. Clare, 3 October 1859

Doondahlin, Kilbaha, co. Clare, 3 September 1859

"Aill na grurac", Cliff of the Rocks, co. Clare, not dated
Natural Bridge, Ross, co. Clare, not dated

Cahircrohane and Gull Island, co. Clare, 27 September 1859

"The Grotto", Kilkee, co. Clare, 30 September 1859

"George's Head", Kilkee, co.Clare, 30 September 1859

Natural bridge, Ross, co. Clare, 3 September 1859

Lover's Leap and Gull Island, co. Clare, 15 September 1859

Natural Bridge, Ross, co. Clare, 23 September 1859

Natural Arch, Ross, co. Clare, 6 October 1859

Puffing Holes, Ross, co. Clare, 8 October 1859

Quin Abbey, Ennis, co. Clare, 26 October 1859

"Ardreigh" from Kilmorony, co. Kildare, not dated

Garden Gate, "Ardreigh", co. Kildare, 24 May 1859

School House & Shop, Kiltrellig, co. Clare, 4 October 1860

"Bridge of Cracalie", Ardreigh. co. Kildare, May Day 1861

Ardreigh Mills and Cottage, co. Kildare, 10 May 1861

Lover's Leap from Gull Island, co. Clare, 8 October 1861

Levitstown Mills, co. Kildare, 4 November 1862

"Lindville", Black Rock, co. Cork, 27 September 1862

Kiltrellig Lodge & Kilbaha Bay, co. Clare, 27 August 1863

at Waterpark, Ennis, co. Clare, 23 June 1863

"Ardreigh", co. Kildare, 8 May 1863

Bridge across Lover's Leap, co. Clare, (in process of erection)
1 October 1866

Kilkee, East End, co. Clare, 3 October 1866

Burtown, co. Kildare, 1 August 1868

Horse Island, co. Clare, 20 September 1869


  1. Love these sketches, what a wonderful record of the times. Thanks for sharing...

  2. Thank you for sharing beautiful sketches.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I enjoyed the sketches and pictures. It brought back so many memories when I saw the picture of the Glenard House. It's been forty years, but it is exactly how I remembered. I will keep searching. Thanks again.

  4. Glad you enjoyed them. Sorry I couldn't help more. Try writing a letter.

  5. Wow A Haughton family lived in my home place in Mullaghmast we have an engraving on a stone wall shed can't remember exactly which haughtons are mentioned on it I would love to share this on the Ballitore Quaker School page if you ok with it

  6. Hi Olivia, I am happy for you to share the link. I’m very interested in your engraving. My 4x great grandfather Benjamin Haughton lived at Mullagmast from about 1740. I would love to see a picture! You can contact me directly using the ‘contact me’ form.